ActiveCool AC4G review

Cooling/Water Cooling by DUR0N @ 2002-12-14

Howdy people, this is my first review for [M]adshrimps, and it?s going to be a damn fine one I?m telling you!
Nowadays most people want a silent heatsink/fan and good temperatures. You can have it quiet, but you will lose the nice temps. You can mix em up, and have a nice combo or you can just turn mad and buy the loudest and fastest fans around. Today no loud crap, we?ll do it the silent and performing way. Is it possible? Well, you?ll find out in a minute. I?m going to guide you trough the ActiveCool AC4G CPU cooler. Expect heatsinks, peltier elements, getto setups and a totaly crazy reviewer.

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How the AC4G Works

How does it work?

So you installed the cooler correctly? Good. But how does it work? The main idea is simple: using the peltiers to cool the cpu and try to cool the peltiers as much as needed (varies from situation to situation)

All this is controlled by the PCI card. The black box if you will (on the pictures it´s blue, but we recieved a black sample)

ActiveCool (c)

That´s not all what happens in the card. Of course there is more. The power which comes out of your wall is Alternating current, useless for peltiers. So we need to convert it to Direct current. This requires some components who make quite some heat and have only a 90% efficiency rate. This is what makes the PCI-card pretty big and tall. So be aware, the black box is about 2cm higher as "the metal thingy" by which it is attached to the back of the case.

Now, you have a working ActiveCool AC4G on your system. You press the power button and go directly into the BIOS to check the temps. 40°...45°...50°...55°...60°... ARG? You quickly shut the system down.

There is something wrong. That´s what happened to me. It is possible that you missed a wire or a wire isn´t connected propperly.

I double checked everything (there goes the 90 seconds limit) and found nothing unusual. Time to take the good old currency meter and test everything. The problem in this prototype was that the peltiers didn´t get any voltage. But that doesn´t stop me from reviewing it! Ha! I took a second PSU and wired the peltiers to the 12v line after I disconnected the wires from the plug and booted the PSU with the good old green-black wire trick. No messing with crazy people, they will get getto on you :)

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