Aerocool ExtremEngine 3T Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by easypanic @ 2006-04-14

The ExtremEngine 3T features a massive 250mm side panel fan, and tops it of with a 140mm in-take turbine like design. Promising massive airflow to cool down your hot running components we pit it against other enclosures at the same price point.

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Introduction and packaging :

Who's that flyin' up there
Is it a bird (NO)
Is it a plane (NO)
Is it the twister (Yeah)
Yeah let's twist again like we did last summer

Aerocool’s latest enclosure design resembles that of a jet powered airplane, featuring two massive fans at the front and side of the case with the aim to chill down the components inside. Don’t let the product name “3T” fool you, it has nothing do with this pop band.

Madshrimps (c)

Styrofoam is used to prevent the case from damage during the transport, you can see in the photos below that the box was indeed damaged.

However the bad is news is that Styrofoam only protects the front and rear of the case, the area where the box is damaged is not protected

Madshrimps (c)

Removing the plastic wrap you can clearly see the damage, luckily it is restricted to an unused area of the case

Specifications :

Aerocool ExtremEngine 3T Case



Case fan
1x140mm + 1x250mm

Motherboard type

ATX, Micro ATX

Drive Bays

4 x 5.25" x 7 x 3.5"

Expansion Slots


Special Functions

Onboard Fancontroller

Front Panel

2 x USB 2.0 1 x IEEE1394 Firewire 1x Line output 1x Microphone input


440mm (D) x 430mm (H) x 200mm (W)

Weight (without PSU)


Let’s examine the features of this case inside and out ->
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