Jing Ting JTS-0005 Motherboard Chipset Cooler Review

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by jmke @ 2006-03-06

We test a heat pipe powered chipset cooling equipped with 40mm fan and a rather unique design; can it keep the nForce4 SLI running cool? Find out in this review.

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Intro & Specs


First we saw heat pipe technology incorporated with CPU heatsink, then VGA coolers followed and recently the trend has expanded towards other areas, like hard drive cooling, and chipset cooling. The “Chip Force” from Jing Ting is not the first heat pipe chipset cooler on the market, but it’s a product which shows quite a bit of potential.

The nForce4 chipset known to be a big source of heat, removing that heat with a small heatsink and 40mm fan usually results in a noisy solution, as that small fan has to spin 5000+rpm to keep the chipset from overheating. So using heat pipe technology can surely pay of in that area, however there’s a catch when you do decide to swap out that stock cooling solution and install a fancier one: size matters.

If you are running in SLI or even just with a single (large) PCIe card, chances are that the new Chipset heatsink and your VGA card will interfere. So today we take a closer look at Jing Ting’s offering to see if it can be used for effective cooling without losing precious space on your motherboard.

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Jing Ting JTS-0005 Chipforce


Copper base & plated copper fins (29 fins)

Heatsink Dimensions
82mm* 67mm

Fan Dimension & Specs





  • Pure Copper base material.
  • Plated copper heat pipe, transfer the heat quickly.
  • Universal patent designed adjustable heat pipe, broad array of application.
  • 40mm fan included for increased heat dissipation.
  • Easy installation.

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