PowerColor X1300 HyperMemory 2 PCIe Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by SidneyWong @ 2006-02-20

Sales of video cards, manufacturers depend on high volume mainstream cards. They know gamers are no different than exotic car or sports car owners, who are in fact the minority in car ownership. Today, we are looking at just one of these video cards, PowerColor X1300 PCIe with 128MB onboard, HyperMemory? 2 supporting 512MB in total in 64-bit.

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Being an occasional gamer, it took me six month to finish Doom 3, three months for Half Life 2 and I am taking my time with Battle Field 2. I played HL2 twice (start to finish) using an ATI 9600XT and once with R9000 Pro, just to show you my 'love" and Enthusiasm in games. I mention that my PCX6200 soft modded and overclocked to Geforce 6600 speed which did give me satisfaction at times, particularly when I did good in a game section.

The PowerColor X1300 will be fine for those who find the onboard graphic card is acting up and in need of a replacement; play computer games so that you are not totally out of touch with your friends or co-worker; a graphic card that does not cost more than a pair of value memory modules.

Yet, it delivers the latest technology at the time you really want to play that popular game so many people are talking about. MSRP is US$79, a price that is only slightly lower than the PowerColor X1300 256MB 128bit card being sold at Newegg for US$89 at time of this writing. I wonder how much lower the street price will be once the new card is released.

Economical entry card
It is good option for the casual gamer
Good candidate for HTPC setup

Unable to overclock the card’s memory

I like to thank Mr. Raymen Wu for the review sample.

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