Club 3D GeForce 7800GT 256MB Video Card Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by piotke @ 2005-12-15

Club3D is offering a toned down version of nVidia?s 7800GTX in the form of the 7800GT, this slightly more budget friendly video card might well be the hidden ace in Club3D?s deck of cards. Let?s find out!

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Test Setup / Method

Test setup

Contrary to most, we’re doing our tests on a budget friendly Intel system; while it doesn’t compete with a decent Athlon 64 system, it can still hold its own, and it’ll be interesting to see if you can game comfortably when we add the 7800GT to this system.

Piotke's Test Setup
CPU Intel Celeron 330 J - 2.6 @ 3.2 GHz
CoolingStock Intel Cooling
Mainboard Asrock 775 Dual 880 Pro
  • Club3D 7800GT 256Mb
  • Aopen Aolus 7800GTX 256Mb
  • Memory2*512 Mb A-Data Vitesta DDR600
    PSUAntec TrueControl 550 Watt

  • Windows XP + Service pack 2
  • Direct X 9.0c
  • Forceware 81.95
  • Latest chipset drivers

    Test Method

    We have done manual run-throughs with 4 games with the 7800GT and GTX, setting the graphical quality so it offers fluent game play without sacrificing on image quality. The games we used for testing were:

  • Colin McRae 2005
  • Far Cry
  • Call of Duty
  • Painkiller

    All details were set to maximum in-game, and we altered FSAA and AF settings to find out the sweet spot of this setup ->

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