Battle of the Titans: Alpha PAL8942 vs Swiftech MCX4000

Cooling/CPU Cooling by jmke @ 2002-09-18

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Madshrimps for another exciting edition of reviewing sensation. In the black corner wearing an 80mm fan, the undisputed champion of the world, Mister Alpha PAL8942. In the silver corner is the challenger, 2 times heavyweight champion of the world, now getting ready to make a come back after a long time of absence, ladies and gentleman, Mister Swiftech MCX4000. Let’s get ready to rumble…

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Extreme OC and Conclusion


I´m sure you are wondering why I didn´t show you how far I could go with each heatsink when it came to overclocking. As the material isn´t mine I don´t want to take any risks by putting alot of voltage through the P4 for a long time to check for stability/loaded temp. The Asus mobo allows for up to 1.8v for the northwood P4. With either the Alpha or Swiftech installed I was able to boot at this speed:

Madshrimps (c)

This was the maximum limit of the CPU, trying anything higher resulted in blue screens @ Windows boot or no boot at all.

In conclusion:

Both these heatsinks are of very high quality and each one has it´s advantages and disadvantages. But in the end I would have to choose the Swiftech, which performs excellent and has a silent fan. The Alpha´s installation and removal was very easy and deserves to be mentioned. In the end of course it´s the results that counts and there the numbers speak for themselves. If you want high clock speed and low temps you go Swiftech.

However when you want to run your CPU @ default speed and voltage, then there is no real need to change that Intel cooler you have now. At low vcore it performs quite well and the silence of the fan is a real plus.

I would like to thank Comtechnology,a great shop with great service, for providing me with all the hardware, thanks!

I hope this review was helpfull, if you have any questions or remarks don´t hesitate to click this link (forum)

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