Aerocool HT-102 CPU Cooler Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by piotke @ 2005-11-08

Heatpipes and led fans seem to be a trend. The only way to be different is performance and price wise. Today we are testing the Aerocool HT-102 CPU cooler. What are its chances against some well known heatsinks?

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The Aerocool HT-102 CPU cooler performs good, but not outstanding. So what could be a reason to buy this cooler?...Silence!

Looking at the cooling performance alone really says nothing. There are much more parameters and variables to deal with before you judge a cooler. A factor of high importance is noise level, and that's where this cooler stands out.

The three heat pipes and all the fins make a solid cooler that performs on a decent but ultra silent level. Not satisfied with the performance? Simply switch the fan. This cooler uses a normal sized model, namely 90/92mm.

It’s priced at the €/$50 mark which does not make it a budget solution, there are quite a few alternatives available which perform similar/better than the HT-102, but at the end of the day, if you bought this Aerocool model, you can be happy about your purchase, knowing that’s it among the better ones out there.

Compact shaped/formed
Standard fan size (92 mm)
Silent heat sink fan combination

Installation method could be better, motherboard removal required
Performance/Noise balance at High fan speed is not too good

I’d like to thank Aerocool and ITC Multimedia for allowing us to test the HT-102.

Questions/Comments: forum thread

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