Vantec Stingray Watercooling Kit Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by easypanic @ 2005-09-29

Vantec surprises us with their first all-in-one water cooling solution. They are entering a rather upcoming popular segment of cooling aspects, as computers get faster and hotter. Can this kit keep our computer fast and cold? Let?s find out ,shall we?

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Presentation Continued

In the boxes

The other little boxes unveil the other parts needed to cool your system; a radiator, a pump and several water blocks.

This kit has 4 blocks: one VGA, one Southbridge and Northbridge and one CPU-block.

Let's take a closer look at the CPU-block first:

(click for zoom)

A simple water block, with the water dissipating the heat from left to right through narrow tunnels. It's an aluminum cover, with a thin copper base which sports a very fine finish. This water block can be mounted on every popular CPU platform out there at this moment.

The VGA block:

(click for zoom)

Same construction basics as the CPU block, aluminum with a copper base. Third picture shows the block with installation parts, which I'll show you further on this article.

In the back of the manual is a listing of compatible chipsets, and from what I’ve seen almost every video card is listed going from ATI's 7000 to X8xx’s series and nVidia's TNT to 78xx's series.

South- and Northbridge blocks:

(click for zoom)

Again the same construction rules apply, with the mounting holes differentiating to allow the blocks to be secured onto your motherboard’s chipset(s).

The Radiator:

A black radiator (comparable to a Black Ice Pro) equipped with a “Vantec” 120mm fan and finger guard, the power cable is also nicely sleeved in black.

Well, one surprise came up: the "Vantec 120mm" turns out to be a YS Tech 120mm! To be precise: the KM121225LB , click to see product details. It's quiet, but some other fans like Papst/Panaflo have even more silent products in their line-up.

(click for zoom)


Everybody knows about Hydor pumps, which are equal or (for some) better than Eheim pumps. This kit comes with a Hydor L20, with these specs:

  • Max Flowrate: 700lph (185gph)
  • Max Height (Head): 135cm (53.15in)
  • Watt: 11 watts

    The Hydor pump is placed on plastic plate which also holds the reservoir, the plastic fittings on the Hydor are replaced with more sturdy metal ones like the ones found on the water blocks. This construction can be pushed into place near the bottom of your case, as four naps are there to secure its position.

    (click for zoom)

    The pump is powered by a power-on relay, which is hidden under the plastic plate, together with the cables of the LEDs which lighten up the reservoir.

    (click for zoom)

    The third picture shows the power cable that goes between the PSU's power inlet and the power cable. Also shown there are two 3 pin-to-3 pin extension cables, to connect to your motherboard or PSU.

    Let's put all the pieces together ->
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