AMD Athlon 64 heatsink roundup summer 2005

Cooling/CPU Cooling by piotke @ 2005-09-03

The new school year is about to begin, and every student will feel the urge to buy a lot of things, because "I need it for schoolwork".
How about using this excuse to buy new CPU cooling ? This article should give you a little help in the right direction.

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Speeze EE782B3 CopperReef

Speeze EE782B3 CopperReef :
Supplied by: Speeze

When I heard Inverted Spider-Fan, I was expecting something out of the ordinary. After opening the box, my expectations came true. This cooler certainly does not have the everyday fan.

Specifications CopperReef :

  • AMD: Athlon64/64+ Socket754/940/939

    Fan included: 80x80x25mm
    Fan Speed: 2700 RPM +/-10%
    Fan Noise Level: 22.0 dBA
    Air Flow: 34.46 CFM at 2,700 RPM

    For more detailed specifications I would like to direct you to the manufacturers' site.

    Besides the general information, this cooling solution features: "Easy install and remove system: Copper base: Stamped fin technology: Inverted Spider-Fan: Temperature controlled & Auto restart"

    In the Box :

    All you need and nothing more, a manual, thermal paste, the heatsink fan itself and an original A64 retention bracket. (In case you lost or destroyed yours)

    Madshrimps (c)
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    Construction :

    The CopperReef is Speezes' performance model. The copper base with stamping fin is nicely finished, and no sharp edges could be found.

    Madshrimps (c) Madshrimps (c)
    Madshrimps (c) Madshrimps (c) Madshrimps (c)
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    Installation :

    Put it on the CPU, pull down the clips and push the leaver until it "clicks". That's all.
    A very simple and fast installation, exactly the same as using the retail boxed cooler.

    On the left Speeze, on the right the boxed cooler.
    Madshrimps (c) Madshrimps (c)
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