CoolJag SFO-H Copper A64 Heatsinks Review

Cooling/CPU Cooling by SidneyWong @ 2005-08-10

When all heatsinks are becoming vertical giants with heatpipes and minimum 120mm fan, you would think heatsink will be the size of your case to keep your processor running smoothly. Cooljag has been manufacturing heatsinks for quite sometime, perhaps longer than many of the giant builders we have come to know recently. SFO-H is the name, with all copper in a ?normal size? that won?t require motherboard removal, and a surprising small 70mm fan. Can it perform is the question... Shall we find out?

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Introduction :

CoolJag focuses on OEM and server products. The lack of giant heatsinks in their product lineup doesn't mean their products are any less in performance. Without the need to remove motherboard for heatsink installation does not sound a big deal to many enthusiasts, it is almost a must for many casual PC users; even to occasional tweakers. Motherboard compatibility is key issue; get a heatsink and spend an evening only to find out it does not fit your board is enough to ruin your computing fun.

With AMD recent introduction of A64 Winchester and Venice cores, thermal output has been kept to a reasonable level unlike in the past. More importantly, they are far from Intel Prescott in term of HEAT LOSS. Frankly, if your processor is "willing", there is not much of a voltage increase required to overclock the hack out of it keeping common sense intact.

Can heatsinks revert back to the normal retention bracket size, or should motherboard manufacturers begin to make "provision" for even larger heatsink and "clear" all surface mounted components around to welcome those GIANTS. Cooljag SFO-H may prove them wrong.

Madshrimps (c)

The all copper heatsink is not light weighing in 635 grams. The 70mm fan is certainly looked/sounded outdated, with which a resistor is installed to regulate fan speed according to temperature.

Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)

The sample cooler came in a brown box without any graphics. The mounting utlizes the two existing retention bracket screws. The heatsink is very similar to the P4 heatsink as reviewed HERE

High performance all copper heatsink has been replaced by aluminum/heatpipes for good reason; Copper cost twice as much as aluminum let alone processing 100% copper heatsink requires more machining work. Stamping copper fins is easier than the old copper skiving process. Large is better also plays a role in sales, together with weight constraints 100% copper heatsink has become the minority for good economic sense.

Sizing up with the others

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SFO verus SLK-948U

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SFO versus MCX-478V

As you can see the SFO-H is a piece of pretty meaty chunk of copper.

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