Sunbeam EL (Pro Series) Lite Up Keyboard Review

Others/Mice & Keyboards by SidneyWong @ 2005-07-20

Every desktop comes with a keyboard. Some of us could type over 60 words per minute error free while few of us enjoy using only two fingers and create some really interesting reading materials. Sunbeam Tech is introducing yet another line of product ? a Lite Up Keyboard. Let?s find out how it differentials from the crowded market.

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Introduction :

Sunbeamtech has been continuously expanding its product line in the last few months. From the LED fan, CCFL lights and Fan controller, came the ATX cases and recently into Power Supply.

Today, we are checking out another surprise from Sunbeam, the EL Keyboard.

Frankly, I have no idea how and what to look for in a keyboard. Certainly, a keyboard could bring back a lot of memories; the Underwood type writer I used to play around with in Grade school; the Telex machine when I had my first job and the first IBM AT when I had to sign up to use in 1979 at work only to find out my one hour allotment was 7:30 PM after all the people had left the office.

Keyboard is something either you like or hate. After you accepted the one you like it becomes part of you, so it seems to me; or you simply hate anything new. Maybe it is the same reason I have three Logitech keyboards and mice of the same model. Onto the 3rd week since I received the sample from Sunbeam, I had no idea where or how to begin.

Beside, who would read a review article on keyboard; a gaming mouse may attract more readers. Until a couple days ago when I had to do some real office work; the one that requires you to type a lot. I found this new keyboard awkward to begin with until two hours into my work before I began to “like” it. With this put aside, let’s find out more what this keyboard offers.

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It does look nice with the lights on. The sample retail box does not have the traditional Sunbeam graphic; I was told this will change when the product is ready for release.

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The EL Keyboard has plenty of functions unlike the standard 101 keys. In fact, I am not sure if Sunbeam will keep the Model Name under EL or Pro Series Keyboard at time of writing this article. We will examine the rich features it provides for now.

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The package comes with a very simple manual and Office Keyboard Driver CD which also contains another manual in WinWord Format.

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Next, we will take a closer look of the keyboard features ->
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