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Cases & PSU/Cases by BlackRabbit @ 2002-08-07

BlackRabbit bunnyhups with 4 good looking cases. His wise words on each one can be read in this fine review. Moving his trusty XP system in each case, he checks for the good and the evil in every victim! Check it out.
- Chieftec Scorpio TX-01BLD and Chieftec Aluminum
- Coolermaster ATC-201-SX1
- Imperial Medium Tower

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After publishing our comparison of the Chieftec DA-01BD and the Aopen HQ08 maxi towers we received Gigabytes of fan mail. Many of them we"re asking me to do another review, but I just didn"t feel like doing one... it would be too hard to make an article as good as the previous one… But the fan mail kept on coming, so I guess I had no choice but making another astonishing case review.
This time I"ll compare some midi-cases

* Chieftec Aluminum Medium Silver
* Chieftec Scorpio TX-01BLD Medium Silver
* Coolermaster ATC-201-SX1 Medium Tower Aluminum
* Imperial Medium Tower

These cases were kindly provided by Comtechnology. This review wouldn"t have been possible without them, thank you Comtech!

Madshrimps (c)
From left to right: Chieftec Aluminum, Chieftec Scorpio, Coolermaster ATC-201 and Imperial

REMARK: since the last review, I changed the HS+fan setup of the CPU. Since then, the cooling isn"t as effective as it once was! So please don"t compare the CPU temps of these tests with the results of our previous test.

The test system used is an AMD XP1500+@1533Mhz (1.85V)
Let’s get this review started...
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