Kool Solutions Memory Cooling Fan Review

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by piotke @ 2005-06-04

Overclocking memory has come a long way, in the old days pushing more then 2.9v through your DDR sticks was considered insane; now certain manufactures are making products geared especially for high voltage (3.6+v). With the increased power comes increased heat and active memory cooling is becoming a necessity. Let?s see if this ?memory cooling? Solution from Kool is any good.

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Results and Conclusion

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

You might think that the fans are probably messing up the bare bone’s ICE CPU cooling; but in fact it’s the hot air which is normally trapped under the hard disk which is circulated so the CPU heatsink receives slightly warmer air and this causes the CPU temperature to rise.

But what you lose in cooling performance with the CPU you gain back tenfold with the memory modules which now run ~20°C cooler! and even the chipset benefits from the Memory Cooling fan as it drops 3-4°C too


This product will appeal to those looking to overclock their systems to the limit and this product can be seen as one of the right tools to do so. Although memory modules in general don’t need active cooling to perform well, when pushing the boundaries of your system you’ll notice that extra cooling will pay off.

Now that we have different companies selling memory sticks which are capable of running fine up to 3.6v and more, active cooling will make the difference between a successful overclock and an unstable system. Kool Solutions has produced a smart device to help you overcome obstacles and they don’t charge you unfairly for it either. At ~$11 this cooling device is a steal.

The only negative aspect of the whole unit might be the fans itself, they are not silent and can be noticed if you are fond of silence; then again, if you are overclocking your DDR with 3.0v+ you’re not exactly going for the coolest and most silent system on the block.

Very competitively priced
Very easy installation
Very cheaply priced

Noise of the fans

I like to thank Sidney from Kool Solutions for providing the MCF for evaluation.

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