Seasonic S-12 500W Power Supply Review

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by SidneyWong @ 2005-06-04

Power supply again! Yes, this time it comes from a manufacturer with ISO certifications plus UL, FCC, CE and CB certified. Let see how it performs in a consumer?s point of view by installing it inside a PC.

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Seasonic S-12 500 meets all the latest hardware provisions/requirements; 4xSATA, 2x-PCIe, 6x-4-pin, 4 & 6-pin 12 Volts, 24&20-pin main, dual 12 volt rails and 3x 4 to 3-pin fan connectors. With low noise 12cm fan, you bet it is ready for the hard core gamers, enthusiasts and IT professionals. At ~$130 the price is compatible to most name brand Power Supplies in the same class, although regular PC users may find the price higher than what they would call “budget”.

When it comes to “which power supply should I buy?” a frequent question raised in many review forums, there are only a few names you are going to hear out of dozens of brand name. The people “in the know” may well only have less than a handful that they will consider using in their personal rigs. It is a welcome sign to seeing Seasonic, a well established power supply manufacturer with ISO certifications comes into the enthusiasts market allowing excellent choice in the crowded yet still with a good chance to grow in share of market when all the "right stuffs" are there.

Slightly higher voltage rails from setting/calibration/sub-assembly sorting within limits would please the overclockers more, should they be the targeted audience. Perhaps, my test unit happens to run dead on with the 3-rails. What I would like to see the already capable power supply from Seasonic S-12 is the addition of trim pots which I agree is a double-edged sword if not used properly; then again, so is overclocking.

Some users may appreciate the high efficiency factor (>80%), your UPS battery will keep your system running longer let alone saving you a few dollars in the long run.


+ All the latest features are there
+ 12CM quiet fan with good balance of thermal and noise
+ High efficiency factor >80%
+ Standard size will fit all chassis
+ 3-year warranty


- Trim pots unavailable
- Wirings are not sleeved (preferable over Dr. Cable)

I like to thank Mr. Eric Fu from Seasonic U.S. office to send in the review sample, allowing us to make this review possible.

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