SunbeamTech Silent Anodized Fan & LED Screws

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by SidneyWong @ 2005-04-03

Something different for the modders from SunbeamTech, save yourself the time to spray paint your case fans; the anodized finish in 5 popular colors will give your modded case longer lasting luster look combined with LED effect. If that is not enough, they have additional LED screws to light up your case further.

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Anodized Silent Fan

I'd say Sunbeam has come up with some nice colors. The anodized fan easily outshines the clear LED I have come to know for sometimes. Besides, clear fans remain clear just for a few months. Although the fan speed is rather low at ~1,800 RPM, I am not complaining because it is targeted to low noise setup where high CFM is not the main focus; not every user equips with fan controller. On the other hand, a higher RPM version without the word Silent will serve for those looking for high CFM fan. Anodized Silent Fan is available from Xoxide for US$8.00.

If you are case modder, consider the Anodized Silent Fan. Recommended.

  • Excellent Colors and finish
  • With speed sensor
  • Included 4-pin connector
  • Additional color labels

  • None

  • LED Screws

    The LED screws do provide exceptionally high intensity. Perhaps, I have not yet found an application as to where and how I need such intensity without the blinding effect. I'd rather have the lights aiming towards the case. The screw length is unnecessarily long and may pitch the wires in situation where both sides of the mounting is required. The use of 12mm socket is an inconvenient; whereas a "push-pin or bayonet type" might do just fine.

  • Good idea to use more light
  • Nice thinking in designing the socket for pass through wires

  • The screws are unnecessarily long
  • There are better ways in mounting the LED screws
  • Have a 12 mm socket ready

  • Again, I like to thank Kevin and Sunbeamtech for providing the review samples.

    Madshrimps (c)

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