E.C.T Mach2 GT - Subzero Cooling, nVentiv lives on?

Cooling/SubZero Cooling by petervandamned @ 2005-06-16

Madshrimps is proud to test-drive a renewed phase change cooling unit from E.C.T. With temperatures reaching a stunning -70?C there is almost no better way to turn your CPU into an ice-cube. This article is all about overclocking and not overcooking your system!

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If you are one those people who throws away the manual and goes straight to business, you might want to reconsider your tactics. You will do well by reading the included manual as it will outline step by step what you need to do to get your CPU super cold.

I always test a Phase Change unit without the head attached to the CPU, usually this step is also this mentioned in the manual. This is a good way to learn and understand this kind off machines.

Be careful not to bend the hose when the unit is still working or powering off. Many broken hoses are the result of this type of action! You can not claim any warranty when this happens.

Make sure you have plenty of space and the right tools at hand so you can follow the manual which will guide you in the world of subzero.

Technical Specifications (taken from the old nVENTIV website)

The ECT Cooling System is capable of cooling a CPU with full load down to approximately -45 degrees. The low temperature makes it possible to gain additional CPU performance. The system is both advanced and simple at the same time. While allowing easy assembling, the basic technology behind the principles is very advanced. The Cooling System consists of several key elements (see below) and they all play their part in the cooling process. The most advanced component is the micro freezer. The micro freezer is what makes cooling of CPUs attractive because it insures extra performance with out compromising the stability. The 'engine' in the cooling process is the condensing unit. The condensing unit is located under the Enlight cabinet, making the ECT system easy to transport and much more stable when placed.

Condensing Unit
An ultra reliable and energy optimized vapour compressor is placed in the bottom case along with a fin and tube condenser, fans and system controls. The cold gaseous refrigerant that has been vaporized by the heat from the CPU is sucked into the aggregate, compressed and lead to the condenser where the heat is released to the surrounding ambient environment.

The Condensing unit consists of 3 main components:
• Compressor
• Condenser
• Capillary tube

The compressor maintains the pressure gradient between the suction and condensing pressure necessary for the vapour compression refrigeration technology to function. The closed loop process basically requires two different pressures in addition to having two different boiling temperatures - one low temperature boiling process (evaporation) for the evaporator at app. -40 C, and one high temperature boiling process for the condensing process.

The Condenser is a fin and tube heat exchanger where the absorbed heat from the gaseous refrigerant is released to the surroundings and in addition the gaseous refrigerant changes from gas to liquid.

Capillary Tube
The capillary tube connects the high-pressure condenser with the low-pressure evaporator and feeds the vaporizer with liquid refrigerant. The capillary tube can be thought of as the opposite pole to the compressor.

Micro Freezer

Madshrimps (c)

The Micro freezer consists of the following elements:
• Polymeric housing system
• Insulation foam
• Evaporator and tubes
• Thermal probe

The Micro freezer is the single most important part of the cooling system - and ECT core technology. The Micro freezer hosts the evaporator (the cooling element) that cools the processor. The evaporator is located inside the Micro freezer and placed directly on the processor where the two surfaces meet each other. Heat is therefore removed directly from the surface of the CPU and transported to the condensing unit.

Features of the midi tower PC-case
• Built-in cooling unit
• Snap-on front bezel for quick installation
• Interchangeable M/B stakes for fast installation of various motherboard sizes
• Slide guides for quick FDD/HDD installation
• More drive bay options than others on the market (4 X 5,25 + 3 X 3,5)
• Easy access for faster service and maintenance
• Unique cover and chassis construction for easy and accurate assembly
• Meets CE and UL requirements

Cooling Performance
The ECT Mach GT is optimized for maintaining below -60C, and will remove up to 200W

Power Consumption
The Compressor consumes 130 watt when the CPU is running standard windows. Power Consumption rises with the CPU load up to app. 170W at full CPU workload and 200W at a fictive 150W CPU workload.

Noise Level
App. 35 db(A) at normal operation, 40dbA during start-up

Certified with ISO 9001 and Environment 14001. (Elcold)
Meets CE requirements and specifications, UL approval pending

Environmentally friendly R134a

Overall Dimensions: (W x H x D)
190 x 675 x 480mm (7.5" x 26.5" x 18.9") incl. PC Case
190 x 240 x 480mm (7.5" x 9.45" x 18.9") Cooling unit only

Weight (excluding hardware)
Cooling unit: 19 kilos
Top case: 8,0 kilos

Mach GT
Capable of removing 200W

Undisputed extreme performance
The Mach GT reaches temperatures around -65º C. This gives you the most extreme performance and stabile computer system available

Improved condensation prevention
With the implementation of heating wires inside the thermal bus, the Mach GT is now capable of handling a humidity of approximately 85% RH. This enables users to operate the Mach GT system in all environments.

Intelligent heat control system
The Chip-controller manages/controls the effect of the heating wires and elements to ensure optimal cooling capacity without risking condensation.

Lower noise operation
With the implementation of new fans, the Mach GT will have a noise level around 3-4 dB lower than before, at normal operation. In addition, the Mach GT is equipped with adjustable fan speed via Windows user interface, which will minimize the noise level even further (low Noise settings).

Highly improved start-up procedure
ECT has significantly reduced overall startup-time with 2-3 minutes, enabling the Mach GT to reach boot temperature (-33º C) degrees in about 3 minutes. This can be further improved by choosing a higher boot temperature in the user interface. The new control system will prevent the CPU from getting powered until the desired boot temperature is reached.

Windows based user interface
The Mach II comes with a new user interface which allows users to monitor as well as change a variety of system parameters. You can change/view settings for: fans, boot temperature, display text, errors, operation log and more…

State of the art SMD Chip-controller
The new Chip-controller has been specially developed for the Mach GT! It handles the entire system operations and performance. Furthermore, the new Chip-controller is programmable and can be upgraded with new firmware.

Online error reporting system
Generates error report which can be sent to ECT Support Department if necessary.

Internet upgradeable firmware and software
With new software, it is possible to add new features to the Chip-controller and user interface. When new software is available, this can be downloaded directly via our Website.

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