PCI-Express Mainstream Roundup Part 2: nVidia 6600 and 6600GT

Videocards/VGA Reviews by JNav89GT @ 2005-01-07

Still saving up your lunch money for a PCI Express graphics card? Salivating in anticipation for Nvidia 6600 series graphics card benchmark numbers? Or just bored enough to read part II of our PCI Express Graphics card comparison? No matter, we got you covered here as we added an Albatron 6600 and a XFX 6600GT to the mix, stirred the pot, and came up with some interesting numbers that just may change your opinion of mainstream PCI Express graphics cards.

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System Setup & Synthetic Bench

System Setup:

JNav89GT's Test Setup
CPU Intel P4 530 Retail-3.0GHz LGA 775
Mainboard Chaintech Zenith V915P
Memory Corsair TwinX 1024-4400C25-Timings of 2.5 3:3:8 used for all testing
Video ATI Radeon X700Pro, Abit RX600 Pro Uguru, Gigabyte 5900PCX, Albatron 6600, XFX 6600 GT
Cooling TTIC NPH-775-1
Power Supply Zippy 460W (PSL-6701P)
Operating System & Drivers - Windows XP SP2
- ATI Catalyst 4.12
- NVIDIA Detonator 66.93

For testing, each of the cards were benchmarked with the CPU at default FSB/3.0GHz, 240FSB/3.6GHz (highest stable 3D for PCX5900/6600/6600 GT) and again at 250FSB for a final overclock of 3.75GHz on the 530 LGA 3.0GHz CPU. Benches for this higher level are blank for the PCX5900 as of course the video card and system would not post with this card installed at the higher bus levels. The Abit card I decided to bench at default or non-turbo and also turbo speeds to illustrate any advantages of running the card in turbo mode, which is an extra feature of this card.

Benchmarks used are as follows:

  • Futuremark 3DMark 2001SE
  • Futuremark 3DMark03
  • Futuremark 3DMark05
  • UT 2003 DM-Antalus 102x768x32 High Details
  • Doom3 640x480-Low Details (no tweaks)
  • Doom3 1024x768-High Details (no tweaks)
  • Far Cry 1.1-PC Games Hardware Demo 1024x768x32-High Details

    Onto the results ->

    Madshrimps (c)

    The Radeon X700Pro still rules the roost here in this DX8 based benchmark. The 6600GT comes within spitting distance of the X700Pro, and the budget 6600 card puts in a decent show as well, note how the 6600 scales with the increase from 200 to 240FSB, whereas the RX600 shows little gain.

    Madshrimps (c)

    Here we see the power of the 6600 GPU as the GT version is able to pull ahead of the Radeon X700Pro, at least up to the 240FSB point, above which POST'ing the computer was difficult to impossible. The Albatron 6600 again is running mid-pack which is good given pricing.

    Madshrimps (c)

    3DMark2005 shows the Radeon X700Pro with a slight lead over the 6600GT when they are at identical FSB speeds. The ability of the ATI Cards to Scale to higher FSB is lost, as this benchmark is severely GPU bound. This benchmark is basically a slide show on any of the card, and only gets worse when we step away from the higher end X700Pro or 6600GT.

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