Evercool WC-202 Water Cooling Kit Review

Cooling/Water Cooling by JNav89GT @ 2005-01-10

Ready to take an adventure into water cooling your computer system but don?t know much about the subject, don?t have a desire to mutilate your case, or crave a Dr. Frankenstein approach to piecing a kit together? Evercool may have just what you are looking for in their WC-202.

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Installation and Temperatures


Installation like I stated before was relatively straightforward provided you reference the instructions. The fluid filling process is simple and Evercool includes a small fluid bottle with some anti-freeze type solution that goes in followed by water (distilled preferred). I would recommend that prior to removing your present cooling solution; you assemble and fill this system with fluid, to test for leaks etc... Once assured you have no leaks, you may go about removing your prior cooling setup and finish mounting this unit into your case and onto your CPU and, if you choose, your GPU as well.

Within 40 minutes of taking the parts out of the box and reading directions I was up and running. Initially, I used the WC-202 on my Athlon64 3500+ Winchester core CPU on an MSI K8N Neo2 motherboard. This CPU had maxed at 2.75GHz with good air-cooling and would not go higher even with a DangerDen TDX/Hydor L30/Black Ice extreme 1/2 inch water cooling setup. While definitely a good water cooling setup, I could not fit all of those parts inside of my PC Case and I had the reservoir hanging out of the side. I guess with enough time and attention I could have probably found a way, but in my limited time, this was a necessary evil for that DangerDen setup. With the Evercool WC-202 I comfortably fit everything in the case, and noise was very low, much lower than the Alpha 8150 and 48CFM fan I was using for air cooled testing. In the first two pictures (please forgive the relative darkness) you see the system installed on A64 setup. The second picture I was trying to highlight the "flow indicator" which does its job and basically spins if water/coolant is moving.

Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)

What impressed me was that my overclock remained the same for my Athlon64 at 2750MHz. Now I wish I could give a good temperature comparison, however in my opinion on the thermistor or temperature measuring capability of the MSI board is not very good. So to provide better comparison temperatures to air coolers I chose to move the WC-202 over to my Prescott setup. This accomplished two things. One I was able to compare CPU temperatures against several good air coolers that I just tested in my 775 Heatsink Roundup. Also, I found out an interesting dynamic that occurs at a given point regarding cooling capacity of this unit, which I will describe later. The pictures below are the system in stalled or being installed in my Albatron 865PE7 Pro LGA775 Prescott setup.

Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)

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