Winter Holidays System Guides 2004

Others/Editorials by jmke @ 2004-12-23

As the year comes to and end we give you an overview of the best hardware you can get, relative to your budget, and present 4 different PC configurations.

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System Guides

System Guides

Each configuration excludes monitor/keyboard/speakers as these choices are more personal, so calculate a total of $300-$600 (€400-€600) on top of the price of the systems listed below for a complete system configuration.

The prices below in dollar come from while the prices in € are from

If I could not find a certain product I searched through Froogle and took the average price.

So here are our different systems:

  • Budget Office Machine: $500-€600
  • Budget Gaming Machine: $900-€1000
  • Multimedia Gaming Machine: $1500- €1600
  • Ultimate, yet not overly expensive, Gaming Machine: $2500-€2800

    Madshrimps (c)

    I hope this Holiday shopping guide has been useful and appreciate input from our readers at our Forums.

    Have a nice holiday, Christmas and New Year!
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