The TCCD-pire Strikes Back? Athlon 64 S754 Memory Roundup

Memory by jmke @ 2004-11-30

We compared 5 different Samsung TCCD powered memory modules, discovering some surprising performance differences between them. To give these new TCCD chips a worthy competitor we also included results from Winbond BH-6 running with high VDIMM. How do they fair on an A64 S754 platform? Read on to find out

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With the departure of Winbond from the high end memory market enthusiasts were left with DDR modules which featured more relaxed, and thereby slow, timings.

Lucky for us Samsung seems to have found a way to produce new modules featuring those very tight memory timings of CL2 2-2-x. In my previous roundup of these modules on Intel’s I875 I encountered some impressive performance from this new generation of memory chips. Especially when timings were a bit more relaxed (CL2.5 3-3-x) most sticks soared close to and over 250Mhz, and all this without the need of high voltage.

The TCCD Samsung chips are known for working at their best with only 2.7v! But as mentioned in our last roundup, some TCCD modules will react to more voltage (3.1v+), while other will simply stop working with possible damage as a result.

In this review I will compare the following memory modules from different manufactures on an A64 Socket 754 system. Although AMD recently introduced competitive priced Socket 939 processors, there are still quite a lot of people who bought the “lower end” S754 versions.

PC-Memory-Upgrade, Mushkin and G.Skill contributed 1Gb memory kits for inclusion in this roundup:

  • G.Skill GSKILL F1-3200DSU2-1GBLE
  • Mushkin PC3200 LVLII V2
  • PDP PC3200 Patriot Xtreme
  • OCZ EL PC3200 Platinum Revision 2
  • A-DATA PC4800 leant us a stick of Mushkin PC3200 Special series, which comes equipped with Winbond BH-6 chips.

    A single stick? But all the others are dual memory stick kits? Why would you even consider including it in the roundup? All these questions answered on the next page ->
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