OCZ DDR Booster Review

Memory by JNav89GT @ 2004-09-27

Want to push your memory voltage way beyond what your motherboard has to offer without the need of a soldering iron? OCZ has just the thing; we take a closer look at their DDR Booster which can increase the vDIMM up to 3.9v! An overclocker?s dream come true?

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Well what can I say really except I love this little wonder. I can say with no reservation that this particular unit functioned flawlessly for me and was a lot of fun to play with. I wish I would have had it longer so I could have more thoroughly tested gaming performance gains, but it doesn't take a giant leap of faith to know that higher ram speeds at tight timings would equate to much better frame rates.

No longer will the faint of heart need to attack their motherboards with a shaky hand and a $7 soldering iron in the quest to attain higher vdimm voltages. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about how effective and easy to use this unit would be; I was pleasantly surprised. The OCZ booster allows most hardcore enthusiasts the option to push the ram voltage above what their bios allows. This can lead to higher memory overclocks and overall higher system performance.

I do wish to clarify that not all memory modules will benefit from added voltage. Certainly, BH-5 based memory is infamous for craving voltage as is OCZ EB series memories. Certain Hynix chipped memories also may respond to additional voltages as may some others.

However, be forewarned that some newer memory like Samsung TCCD chipped memories (OCZ PC3200EL Rev2, and Corsair PC3200XL) do not seem to require more than 2.85-2.9v for max performance. Please do yourself a favor and perform a bit of research into the memory and motherboard you own to determine if this product will suit your needs and offer you an advantage in your overclocking quests.

easy to install
offers up to 3.9v (depending on motherboard) vdimm
Nice large LED's to monitor RAM voltage
higher memory overclocks = higher system performance

Voltage dial and heatsink may interfere with installation
Not compatible with every motherboard out there

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