Asus A8V revision 2.0: Exploring Max HTT Adventure

Motherboards/AMD S939 by JNav89GT @ 2004-09-20

The purpose of this article is to explore the limits of the Hyper transport bus (HTT) on this retail board. The HTT is the speed at which the cpu communicates with the motherboard, while different than a traditional Front Side Bus (FSB) that many of use as a common term, a higher HTT speed will increase overall performance much the same way and is the reason that people have sought to overclock their P3/P4, Athlon, and Athlon XP CPUs by raising their FSB to highest max stable

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I had hoped to provide more gaming tests, but again due to time constraints I needed to limit the benchmarks to the following:

  • Aida32 Read test
  • SiSoft Sandra Buffered Memory Benchmark
  • Futuremark‚Äôs 3DMark 2001SE
  • Doom 3 Timedemo
  • Super Pi 1Mb calculation

    Aida32 Read Test
    250HTT Ram@ 250mhz6775mb/sec
    278HTT Ram@ 228mhz

    SiSoft Sandra buffered Memory Scores
    250HTT Ram@ 250mhz
    6912mb/sec int buff'd
    6831mb/sec float buff'd
    278HTT Ram@ 228mhz
    6728mb/sec int buff'd
    6654mb/sec float buff'd

    3DMark 2001SE
    250HTT Ram@ 250mhz 26281 Marks
    278HTT Ram@ 228mhz 26112 Marks

    Doom 3
    Timedemo demo1640x480-Low Detail 1280x1024-High Detail
    250HTT Ram@ 250mhz
    112.9 86.3
    278HTT Ram@ 228mhz
    111.9 86.2

    Super Pi 1mb Test
    250HTT Ram@ 250mhz 33 seconds
    278HTT Ram@ 228mhz 34 seconds

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