VisionTek Xtreme2 Go Drive USB 2.0 Review

Storage/Other by SidneyWong @ 2004-09-05

There are products that we need to have, others would be nice to have or want to have. I believe products that can improve productivity resulting to better time management and lowering cost are the ones that we need to have. Which category does VisionTek Go Drive fall into? We shall find out.

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Testing: Performance

Madshrimps (c)

Sandra synthetic file benching showed 8MB/s identical to the transfer rate VisionTek indicated.

Now its time to get GO DRIVE some workouts, the fun parts begin:

  • I dumped in 955 MB filled with MP3 files amounted to several hundred songs from my hard drive; 3 minutes and 8 seconds. (5.08mb/s)
  • Copy MS Home Publishing (the entire CD) 17,585 files with 90% gif files amounted to 621 MB; 46 minutes and 30 second.(.223mb/s)
  • Copy the entire full version Window XP Pro 488MB from CD to Go Drive; 29 minutes 20 seconds.(0.28mb/s)
  • Copy 371 MB of JPG files; 4 minutes 55 seconds.(1.28mb/s)
  • Copy 468 MB of MEG video clip in one lump; 1 minute 12 seconds (6.5mb/s)
  • Spreadsheet time; 72 MB 416 of small and large Excel files some with Macro; 1 minute 31 seconds (0.79mb/s)
  • Word files; 30 MB 846 files WinWord in varies sizes; 3 minutes 55 seconds (0.13mb/s)
  • AutoCAD drawings13 MB 28 files; 6 seconds (2.17mb/s)

    We know well the smaller the file sizes the slower the transfer speed. The transfer rate above indicated some of the real life applications but not all. Copy Windows O/S and MS Home Publishing is not something that we normally do with a USB thumb drive. Nevertheless, it provides a degree of transfer rate/speed we could expect. You may experience difference transfer rate.

    I tried to dump BartPE on it, and it did not work after two hours of trying. I don’t know if Window XP SP2 is playing a game on me. I am sure this has nothing to do with Go Drive as I was able to boot from USB Zip without BartPE (I will assure you that we will get BartPE going at a later date). At this point, I have been at this for over eight hours, time to have some rest and relaxation or R&R time. I proceeded to load Call of Duty Demo to the Go Drive and wrote my conclusion on the next page ->
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