Arctic Silver ArctiClean Review

Cooling/Thermal Compounds by KeithSuppe @ 2004-08-15

Arctic Silver, manufacturer of Ceramique and AS5 , arguably the finest thermal compounds available, introduces a two stage cleaning fluid/prep liquid designed to remove any thermal paste, and prepare surfaces for a fresh thermal paste application

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Testing continued & Conclusion

Next I wanted to test the product on silver based thermal paste. Additionally I was interested to see what effects the product would have on a 99% silver surface itself, and aluminum as well. I just finished testing Cool-Cases CC-Magic CPU-wasserkuhler. This block is an aluminum design with a 99% solid silver insert centered over the CPU which it cools. I mounted this water block about three weeks ago, using Arctic Silver AS5. In the photo series below you can see the condition of this block immediately after removal, and then after both stages 1 and 2 of ArctiClean has been applied.

Photo-1: Removing the block, untouched.

Madshrimps (c)

Photo-2: After cleaning with Stage-1, and preparation with Stage-2.

Madshrimps (c)

Photo-3: Athlon-64 3400 after cleaning, and prepping with ArctiClean.

Madshrimps (c)


Rarely do I get excited over thermal paste removal, and/or cleaning product. To be completely honest, I've always thought products “specifically engineered” for such purposes, were in truth “specifically engineered” to separate the PC-Enthusiast from his/her cash. Surly these toxic/flammable products “removed” something, but in the midst of the intoxicating fumes, probably not what we'd intended.

In this instance I have to say this product is truly revolutionary. Not that it's the first ever, all natural citrus based cleaning product per se, but that's it's the first I've come across designed for our purposes, and which is truly effective. A single drop or two, dissolved both silver, and ceramic based thermal pastes in seconds. The cleaning product left the best visible surface I've ever seen. Since I've always been stumped, as to what i could possibly use after cleaning thermal paste with alcohol (although I've tried everything) I simply wiped the surface with a damp, then dry, cloth. The surfaces looked fairly clean, but just adequately so.

After using ArctiClean, the results were outstanding, a term I've never used for thermal surface product. It smells absolutely wonderful, and the second stage truly does what it’s intended to do. ArctiClean worked on Copper, Aluminum, Silver, and of course the processor's microchips.

ArctiClean will be offered in both 2x25ml, and 2x100ml kits, and Step-2, Thermal Surface Purifier will also be sold separately in 25ml, and 100ml sizes, for those whom have stock piled other types of cleaners. The 25ml size should easily exceed 100 applications. Step-2 sold separately should also exceed 100 applications in 25ml size, allowing the end-user to benefit from the preservation, and enhanced bonding attributes found therein. The price to be announced will be fairly inexpensive, and once it's announced I'm sure most will find the price to be an exceptional value.

ArctiClean worked on Copper, Aluminum, Silver, exposed North Bridges, and of course the processor's used in these tests ((GPU R420), A64 3400, and P4 3.0C with IHS removed).

I'd like to thank Nevin of Arctic Silver and Scott of Nanotherm for allowing me to test this product. Look for future products offered from both companies in the near future.

ArctiClean is now also available through Bacata for our European readers.

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