Aopen GF4 Ti4200 Review

Videocards/VGA Reviews by Einstein @ 2002-06-18

Aopen latest Geforce 4 reviewed by our very own Shrimper: Einstein. A nice performance and feature overview of this powerbeast!

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The TI4200 is a chipset many people have been waiting for. It would combine excellent performance with a price tag that"s just a tad bit higher then a GF4 MX card.
Perfect, people with a tight budget would get a card that could meet their demands.
When samples of this card showed most of these things give superb overclocks, sometimes reaching near-TI4600 speeds, interest in this particular chipset even grew stronger. Now, a few months later, these vidcards are finally available in Belgium. Can this chipset meet the high expectations? I"ll try to give an answer to that question in this review!
I don"t have a whole set of cards available, but that doesn"t mean I can"t put up a decent review after all, cards with the same chipset never differ that much (in performance that is).

The beast I"ll be reviewing here is the Aopen Aeolus TI 4200, the 128mb-type of the card. Aopen isn"t the leader in the vidcard market, and the cards aren"t the best you can get, but they"re good enough for most of us (this is a budget card). Allright, now lets test this thing!

The box:

Madshrimps (c)

So what do we have here? The usual I guess: An installation CD, some cables, two software-cd"s (WinDVD and WinProducer, a video-editing program), a short manual of the TI and an extra large manual for the WinProducer software. I won"t review the software "cause, well, not many people use it. For people who are interested: click here. More to my liking is the card itself. Aside of the normal things, this card has a DVI connector, ViVo connectors, and enhanced clocks, the memory runs at 250 Mhz and so does the chip. For a list of complete list of features & specifications, check this linky out.
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