Flashy 80mm Fan Roundup - Aerocool/Sharkoon/ACRyan

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by jmke @ 2004-06-23

When you want to add extra cooling to your case, you can go for performance, silence or good looks. Many manufactures have increased their research budget to come up with the most innovative fan designs, today we are taking a look at an offering from Aerocool, Sharkoon and AC Ryan.

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Depending on your needs you can be sure that you’ll be able to find the ideal fan from our roundup,

  • The Sharkoon SL2 comes packed with extra’s at an interesting price, at its highest setting it is far from loud, while its performance is good enough to be used for your everyday CPU cooling! If you place it in your case you can completely kill the noise by turning the included rheobus to its minimum and still have airflow.

  • Aerocool’s Chameleon has got the looks and the unique color shifting blades which make it stand out, it ranks among the most silent fans tested in this roundup and provides ample airflow.

  • If you have an aluminum case and want matching case fans you might want to take a closer look at the Aerocool 8025, unfortunately it’s a bit louder then the other Aerocool fans and provides less airflow.

  • The ultimate noise/airflow title goes to the Quad UV fan from Aerocool, making a tiny bit of noise while offering good performance and flashy looks!

  • The two CPU fans tested from the HT-101 and Extreme from Aerocool delivered good temperature results, but were quite noisy when compared to the case fans.

  • The NMB 3110NL might not give the best temperature results or be the quietest, it has a very competitive price, and if you don’t care looks, then this one is certainly worth considering.

  • Last but not least we have the ACRyan Blackfire4, it has the best UV/LED looks among all the fans, unfortunately it is among the noisiest and doesn’t provide a lot of airflow.

    We hope this roundup was useful, if you have questions or comments please drop them off at our forums.

    We would like to thank David from ITC Multimedia and Thorsten at Sharkoon for providing the review samples.
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