Thermalright ALX-800 vs his big brother SP-97

Cooling/CPU Cooling by piotke @ 2004-05-16

Thermalright has currently one of the best, perhaps even the best heatsink for Socket A. The SP-97. But this heatsink isn?t very budget friendly, so today we?ll take a look at their ALX-800. This heatsink looks a lot like the popular SLK-800, but by using a combination of aluminium and copper fabrication is lower, and so is its price. Does it still perform well though? Let us find out

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Decent & affordable price.
Good performance

Finishing on the heatsink could be better.

So, for its price this is certainly a very good heatsink. And with an extremely powerful fan, it almost equals the SP-97, that a very high performance/price ratio! If you want to create a silent system, and have some headroom for overclocking, the ALX-800 makes a good choice.

However if you want to squeeze everything out of your system then every degree matters in obtaining a higher stable overclock, the SP-97 will suit your needs.

We would like to thank Selena from ThermalRight and the folks at PC-Cooling for giving us the opportunity to evaluate the performance of the ALX-800.

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