asetek WaterChill Antarctica KT12A-L20 Kit

Cooling/Water Cooling by DUR0N @ 2004-05-21

There is always room for improvement, that is the general idea behind the whole computer business. If you don?t want to be left behind, upgrading your product is necessary to keep up. Asetek made some improvement to their WaterChill cooling kit, let?s find out if the changes are for the good!

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the aftermath...

If we look at all the pros and cons, this kit comes out quite nicely.

competitive priced
good design, quality components
easy to install thanks to good documentation
good performance

box not throw able (packaging could be better)
radiator is too small too provide good performance when all the water blocks are used
Sunon fan makes a lot of noise at 12v and performance gain over 7v is not justified

Special thanks to Anna and Andre at Asetek for providing the kit and supporting the review, Frederik from Colorcase for giving me the opportunity to review the kit, Jeminie for lending his phat-ass Sony Cybershot and our very own JMke for drawing those leet graphs.

Madshrimps (c)
Eduardo over & out

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