asetek WaterChill Antarctica KT12A-L20 Kit

Cooling/Water Cooling by DUR0N @ 2004-05-21

There is always room for improvement, that is the general idea behind the whole computer business. If you don?t want to be left behind, upgrading your product is necessary to keep up. Asetek made some improvement to their WaterChill cooling kit, let?s find out if the changes are for the good!

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Also known as the part that people don't skip :)

I rounded up three different cooling solutions. Air-cooling results are represented by the Alpha Pal 8045 with a generic 3000 rpm "Colorfan", it’s pretty silent and offer a great dba/cfm ratio. The Asetek kit was tested with both the old and the new CPU block, just to see the difference.
There is no real test that fully stresses the CPU and the Graphics card at the same time, but 3dmark 2001 comes close.

The testrig

DUR0N's Test Setup
CPU AMD Athlon XP T-Bred 1700+ @ 1666Mhz (1.97v)
Mainboard Chaintech 7VJL
Cooling * Alpha PAL8045 + 3000rpm FAN
* Asetek Waterchill (Original)
* Asetek Waterchill (Anarctica)
Memory 2* 512mb pc2700 Infineon original
Video Connect3D ATI R9600

The Connect3D ATI R9600 was used in a stressed test for creating a load on the VGA-block by using 3DMark2001's looping benchmark application.

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

The new block beats the old block by a small margin, due to the new design. When the Northbridge and graphics card are on the same loop, temperatures go up quite rapidly. If the Sunon is working at 7v, the temperature will go up one degree but the sound goes down a LOT!
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