Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4Pro L

Cooling/CPU Cooling by SidneyWong @ 2004-04-25

Arctic Cooling received thumbs up with VGA Silencer from every product review, and the product lines covering CPU, VGA coolers, fans and thermal pastes are distributed by SCYTHE world wide. We are taking a closer look at the Super Silent 4Pro L CPU cooler aimed at Socket 478 application. The all aluminum is rare for a new cooler as many have migrated into all copper or aluminum/copper hybrid.

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Test Results & Conclusion


We compare Pro4 L to Intel newest copper base HSF with 70 mm fan running at ~3100 rpm. Intel HSF has built in temperature sensor. I had the experience last summer when the 70 mm fan could get up to over 4,200 rpm and made quite a howling.

Madshrimps (c)
P4 2.8C at default: Idle 32C and Load 50C

Madshrimps (c)
P4 2.8C at 240FSB and 1.625 v-core: Idle 35C and Load 59C

Madshrimps (c)

Madshrimps (c)

Noise Level:

4Pro L being marketed as Super Silent to meet the demand for users requiring the lowest possible noise emission; to evaluate this I used the CEM DT-8850 digital meter with 35 dBA to 100 dBA range. The lowest setting CPU fan would only be overcome the 4 higher RPM case fans inside the Lian-Li case. I took the readings based on the test system.

Madshrimps (c)

As you see there is hardly any audible difference with the fan settings, and in the QUEST for silence, I proceeded to disconnect all case fans, with only the PSU, CPU and NB fans running. As you can see from the results above this is awfully silent; if I lock myself inside a closet my digital meter still registers 37 dBA.


Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4Pro L all aluminum is quite a unit. It comes with 3-speed fan controller, LED light and cushioned damping fan mount. When we must judge whether a product is good, okay or bad, we have to look at the monetary value together with features and performance and most importantly its intended purpose. 4Pro L is intended for users require low noise with acceptable thermal performance at default CPU speed. It delivers exactly that plus good look. I might do a lapping job afterward just to find out if it will lower another degree or two. To compare 4Pro L to the heavy copper hitters in best over clocking performance with high RPM fan would be inappropriate. Nevertheless, if you have the new copper base from your retail pack you are not gaining much in thermal management by acquiring the 4Pro L. What you do gain is a few dBA reductions, a LED fan and the very easy installation over Intel’s design. But, the copper base Intel HSF comes only with 3 GHz and higher processors.

MSRP at US$22, it is a high value product.
The clip design could be considered one of the best for ease of installation.
The LED fan is a bonus, and the blue is very pleasing.
It comes with thermal paste enough for several installations.
It provides very adequate performance even in mild over-clocking.
It provides 3-speed adjustment to tailor your environmental needs.

It makes slight weird noise at low fan setting occasionally (may just be this particular unit).
Not much better than the free new Intel Stock Retail unit.

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