Mushkin PC3200 Special Edition Memory Review

Memory by jmke @ 2004-08-02

How do the old but not forgotten Winbond BH-6 chips stand up against the competition? Thanks to the Mushkin PC3200 Special Series we were able to find out. Want to know how it feels to put all the memory options in your BIOS to the most aggressive setting? Read on then!

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Intel System

Intel test setup

JMke's Intel Test Setup
CPU Intel P4 2.4 "C"
Mainboard Asus P4C800
Cooling Swiftech MCX478-V
Memory * 512Mb Mushkin PC3200 “Special”
* 512Mb Corsair PC3200 LL Pro
* 256Mb Corsair PC3200 (BH-6)
Video nVidia Geforce FX5900XT

Using the board’s un-modded maximum DDR voltage, 2.8v, I ran benches at 200Mhz using the memory’s best timings, then I overclocked them as high as they would go with those timings and benched again.

lowest timings
Mushkin Special: CL2 2-2-5
Corsair BH-6: CL2 2-2-5
Corsair LL Pro: CL2 2-3-6

The ever popular Sisoft Sandra memory benchmark:

Madshrimps (c)

Very small difference there which is also mirrored in the UT2003 Botmatch in map DM-Serpentine:

Madshrimps (c)

Would you switch memory for 2 fps more? I don’t think so.


Both BH-6 sticks easily pass the 220Mhz mark, while the Corsair LL Pro had to be satisfied with 210Mhz:

Madshrimps (c)

Here the performance gap is more visible as both BH-6 sticks reach 220+ speeds using most aggressive timings.

Madshrimps (c)

Close to 10% increase in performance is not too bad!

Although the Corsair BH-6 and Mushkin feature the same timings it’s the Special series which take the lead. The reason? 256Mb vs 512Mb, when switching the Mushkin 512Mb module with its 256Mb brother this showed up:

Madshrimps (c)

Let’s see how these sticks handle a Socket A setup ->
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