AMD A64 S754 Memory timings explored on nForce3 150

Memory by piotke @ 2004-04-15

On an nForce2 based platform it was proven that that CL2 2-2-5 was not the fastest setting for your ram, in fact CL2 2-2-11 was! But what about the new A64 S754 , does it show the same anomality when combined with the nForce3 150? Is the famous CL2 2-2-5 back? Does Cas Latency influence performance a lot? Let?s find out

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Short intro


They make me write these articles. Not that long ago we had the CL2 2-2-11 timing “issue” on the Nforce2,and now I heard that Cas Latency 2 has no benefit when compared to 2.5. It is time to spend some hours booting, rebooting and benching.

To keep me occupied during those “booting-sessions” I started making figures with the spare spare memory I've got, more models to follow later (I also take requests :-) )

Madshrimps (c)

Now that memory prices are going up again everybody wants to buy his memory now and as cheap as possible. What memory to get? Some normal TwinMos or maybe that nice Mushkin, which costs you an arm and a leg. I hope this review can help you make a decision to choose wisely.

In case you missed my nForce2 memory timings article then this link will take you there.

Don't know what all these terms mean? Ras / Cas / Tras ? More and detailed information concerning this can be found here.
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