Super Flower SF-609F Fan Controller

Modding/Small Mods by SidneyWong @ 2004-04-06

The question I raised to myself was; why do I need one? It would be like after jacking up my engine output only to put a fuel limiter so that it won?t go as fast. Well, not exactly, the rheobus acts as a throttle cable or linkage so that one could dial up or down the speed according to the traffic pattern. Now, I get it. Okay, I want one.

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CPU Fan RPM & Conclusion

CPU Fan RPM reading:

Everything went smoothly, except there is no CPU fan speed from BIOS and MBM5. I had to disarm BIOS CPU fan failure warning/shut down features in order to boot the system. This is NO GOOD, if the CPU fan stops without the auto shut down. After I connect the 3-pin connection from CPU fan or any fan from the motherboard directly to the Fan Master, the board or BIOS fan speed readings are no longer available to be monitored by the software.

Before I go on, the “power” temp is actually the Variable Resister that I hooked up to check the “heat” generated. The 24.4 degrees C showing here is not bad at all. It goes up to 40C after the picture was taken, and stays up there constantly.

Madshrimps (c)
A screen shot showing NO CPU and System fan speeds recorded.
I don’t care about the system fan, but I do care for the CPU fan speed not being shown.

Madshrimps (c)
The 3-pin connection at the center is from the CPU fan to the Fan Master.
Unless your HSF is MUCH better than copper base Intel Stock,
I REFUSE to change for the same or worst.

Madshrimps (c)
The additional black wire next to the green is the additional CPU fan speed sensor wire I added.

Madshrimps (c)

The same black wire is connected to the CPU fan header on the board to pick up CPU fan speed; in another word, I just wasted a female 3-pin connector that would be nice to come with the unit.

Madshrimps (c)
Now, the CPU fan speed is being picked up by both BIOS and MBM5.
The auto CPU fan failure shut down feature is restored.

Okay, I feel a hell lot better knowing the important feature I paid for is not in vain.


Well, I don’t really know what it really means whenever I read “conclusion”. I wish I were able to close the chapter on everything that I did or did not do. Fortunately, this is not always the case. Before I conclude as I should; I like to know why the temp probes were missing; so that I did not have to get the 2nd unit. I like to know why I should give up the nice feature in reading CPU fan speed or any monitoring features by the motherboard which links to auto system shut down to protect my investment.

Other than what I don’t know or don’t understand; I like the fact that FAN MASTER offers quite a lot in terms of versatility, functionalities and pricing. If I must close one eye, I’d say this is a good Rheobus or whatever you want to call it that offers “control” in noise, temperature awareness and “look”. I have no problem recommending this product.

Until next time …… as always, take care.


Someone requested more info on the voltages this RheoBus gives at min/max setting:

Readings are taken from the Fan Controller 3-pin connectors.

All four fan controls show within +- 0.02 Volt delta

Lowest setting 6.83 Volt
Highest setting 12.45 Volt

The highest setting is the same as reading from 4-pin molex from PSU. However, MBM shows 12.4 Volt. The difference could be from motherboard power supply circuit.

Lowest setting at 6.8X volt on 80mm fan = 1770 RPM
Lowest setting at 6.8X volt on 92mm fan = 1860 RPM
No vibration none unusual noise ... only lower fan noise.

Highest setting 12.4X volt 80mm fan = 3060 RPM
Highest setting 12.4X volt 92mm fan = 3150 RPM
No vibration none unusual noise .... only higher fan noise.

I also tested the continuity from low to high; voltage increases steadily. Rotation of all 8 knobs from the two units has smooth consistent feel, i.e. I could set it to 7.5 volt if I wanted or 9.4 or however within the range. I'd say this is pretty darn good

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