Titan System coolers TTC-SC04 and TTC-005

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by jmke @ 2004-04-25

Two plug and play system blowers from Titan aimed at removing hot air out of your case, do they work? Find out in this review.

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Intro & Summary

Today we have 2 system coolers from Titan in our test labs. These products offer a plug and play solution for removing heat from your case. As they are easy to install and operate they are ideal for the beginning hardware enthusiast, a quick way to improve cooling without having to take out the Dremel or upgrade your case.

When you have a run off the mill system then the chance is fairly small that there is a case fan present. As there are quite a lot of heat emitting devices lurking inside your PC case it’s never a bad idea to get that hot air away from them.

Both the TTC-SC04 and TTC-005 are coolers based on a thread-mill fan design, these produce a little less airflow at a little bit more noise than the conventional fan, but have the advantage of taking up less room.


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You’ll need two free PCI slots to install this unit, plugging in the 4-pin pass through cable powers it up, no speed regulator is included and the fan is running at maximum speed all the time. The noise increase is quite noticeable and if you have a silent system then this might not be the ideal addition.

As it is placed at the bottom of your case, where there is little or no warm air you won’t see big (if any) changes in CPU temperature, case temperature will decrease 1-5°C depending on where you measure it.

Overall a noisy solution for reducing the case temperature, only consider it if you don’t care about the added noise.


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You need a free 5.25” drive-bay and a free 3-pin connector on your motherboard to install this unit. The rheostat allows you to change fan speed between 1250-3000rpm, going from quite silent to loud. Changing the position of the unit between top/lower drive bays in a midi-case didn’t impact its performance, running at max speeds you can expect ~1°C temperature drop, nothing too impressing so far. The installation requires a bit more work than the TTC-005 but you’ll still have it up and running in less than 5 minutes.

A more effective solution if you look at the results, the ability to change the speed of the fan is a nice added bonus, if you have a cramped case and no case-cooling then it can decrease overall temperature, but nothing spectacular.

If you are a hardware enthusiast looking for the last bit of cooling performance then look elsewhere, these products are not aimed at this market. If you have want a plug and play method for reducing overall case temperature then these products are worth a look, the price is not particular high either, I’ve seen TTC-005 at ~$6 and the TTC-SC04 at ~$13.

On the next pages you will find a more in-depth look at both products including detailed results and description of the test systems used ->

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