PCPower&Cooling TurboCool 510 Deluxe

Cases & PSU/Power Supplies by KeithSuppe @ 2004-03-31

PCPower&Cooling have been producing what are widely considered to be, the best PSU?s on the market today. Since the company?s inception, they?ve raised an industry-wide bar on manufacturing standards for Switching Power Supplies. Theirs have been, and remain, the standard by which all others are measured

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Summary and conclusion

Testing Summary:

The rails remained steadfast no matter the conditions. With the PCPower&Cooling TurboCool 510, temps reached and maintained a high plateau without the system crashing; this wasn't possible with the TTGI TT-550TS. The tables below represent PCPower&Cooling TurboCool 510 Deluxe results;

System overclocked (255FSB / 3.8GHz / 1.485Vcore)

@ 3830MHz 12V rail (34A) Idle - 12.00V Load - 12.22V
@ 3830MHz 5V rail (40A) Idle - 5.16V Load - 5.16V
@ 3830MHz 3.3V (30A) Idle - 3.41V Load - 3.41V

At default speeds (201FSB / 3.0GHz / 1.385Vcore)

@ 3015MHz 12V rail (34A) Idle - 12.22V Load - 12.22
@ 3015MHz 5V rail (40A) Idle - 5.19V Load - 5.19V
@ 3015MHz 3.3V rail (30A) Idle - 3.36V Load - 3.36V


As the tables above indicate, PCPower&Cooling's TurboCool 510 has the goods. I can't think of another test for this (or any) PSU which might have been more taxing with the exception of shorting the molex connectors, or running a Peltier off the unit. I'd also like to point out this was not a "shoot-out" between PSU's. I used the TTGI USA TT-550TS because of it's quality. Between these two, I consider TTGI to be the next best PSU on the market, at any price. When all is said and done, owning a PCPower&Cooling is an investment in insurance. I think of the TurboCool 510 Deluxe as full-coverage. With its 5-year warranty, exceptional build quality, and reputation for unmatched performance, this is a policy no Enthusiast can afford to neglect.

It's a reassuring feeling to depress the power button with this "beautiful beast" powering your system. I'd like to thank Mick, and everyone at PCPower&Cooling.

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