Primecooler PC-HDB SuperSilent passive HDD Cooler

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by piotke @ 2004-04-13

RRRrrrzzssttttrrrrcccrrrr, that?s the beginning of the end. Hard disk failure. Then you go check the temperature of your hard disk... Arf ! This could have been avoided. Today madshrimps is testing a Hard disk cooling solution, which might extend the life span of your disks.

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The cooling installed :
Madshrimps (c)

Test setup
Mobo & CPUShuttle AN50R & A64 3000+
Hard DiskSeagate Barracuda 7200.7 120 Gig 8 Mb Cache
CaseCoolermaster centurion case, no case cooling

I’ll be monitoring the temperatures of the hard disk in four different scenarios:

  • No cooling, placed in a hidden 3.5” rack
  • One 80 mm fan @ 5 Volt behind that 3.5” rack
  • PC-HDB(P), thus only the heatsink
  • PC-HDB(P) + PC-HDB2(BS)

    Now, how do you stress a HDD ? I started to copy a large amount of files on the hard disk. For over 1,5 hour per test I copied and deleted files…The highest temperature was monitored when it remained the same for at least 20 minutes..

    Madshrimps (c)

    Both the completely passive solutions (no cooling & PC-HDB(P)) result in the same temperatures, but with the heatsink installed, it took the HDD more than half an hour longer to reach the same temperature!

    The 80 mm fan had about 1000 rpm @5v and was very silent. Compared to “no cooling” solution it provided a noticeable temperature decrease.

    The dual 40 mm fans were quite loud, certainly when used in to my almost completely silent setup. Temperature wise it certainly proved effective as a drop of ~25% could be seen compared to the completely passive solution.

    Would the hard disk live also 25% longer in this situation? Don’t know it for sure, but there is a good reason why server cases have active cooling in front of their HD racks, hard disk are more prominent to failure when temperature rises above acceptable levels.

    Time for the conclusion... >>
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