Case Master V828 "FireBird" Server Case Review

Cases & PSU/Cases by jmke @ 2004-03-11

Case Master is a new company ready to make a name for themselves in the enthousiast market. Can the FireBird server case help them on their way? Let?s find out.

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Case Master is a new company pushing their brand new products unto the market, are they able to claim a place of their own in the crowded enthusiast market?

They send us one of their high-end cases aimed at the power users out there. This case is not faulty labelled “server” case. The V828, nicknamed the “FireBird”, has more features then most cases I’ve seen… combined.

Before we dig into the specifics of this case, take a glance at the exterior of this “black-badass”

Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)

It’s hard not to notice the white plastic pad sticking out on the top, it incorporates a carrying handle which is proof tested for up to 80kg, you will have a hard time finding that much hardware to stick inside, let alone be able to pick it up afterwards, but at least it eases your mind when carrying the case around and you see the top plate giving in a little.

Aside from the quite ugly colour of this handle, it’s actually quite neat; two panels can be snapped open with a small push. One reveals firewire, USB and sound connectors, while the other an 80x15mm fan which serves as a blowhole. The fan is whisper quite and pulls a marginal amount of air out of the case.

Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)

And the blowhole in action:

Madshrimps (c)

One sidepanel is attached with one thumbscrew and uses to a slide/lock system for securing it in its place. Very easy and it even makes the thumbscrew redundant. The other sidepanel can be removed by turning 2 screws counterclockwise.

Madshrimps (c)Madshrimps (c)

Most of the installation is tool less, so far I had to use a screwdriver for sidepanel behind the motherboard and to install the 4 plastic feet at the bottom of the case. Now let’s see what resides in its belly ->

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