Evercool NoteBook CoolPad NP-101

Cooling/VGA & Other Cooling by evangeliz @ 2004-02-04

With all the custom cooling available for desktop computers one could start wondering when the laptop market will be targeted, today we?ll take a look at Evercool?s Notebook cooler, how does it work? Is it useful? Find out in this review

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Today I’m going to review the Evercool notebook cooler. Thanks go out to Evercool for supplying us with this nice cooler.

What you get out of the box:
  • The notebook cooler and a very short USB cable
  • Note that I say very short USB cable but you won’t need more then that actually.

    Madshrimps (c)

    Something which might come in handy is the fact that the notebook cooler is higher on the back then in front, which makes it really easy to type on your notebook although it adds almost 2 cm to the total height. This little notebook cooler has 4 fans to cool down anything you put on top of it. It has a small wheel to adjust the fan speed, an on/off-button and a bright red led that lights up when the system is powered on. The cooler draws its power from a regular USB slot on your laptop. So that means the fans are running at 5V.

    Madshrimps (c)

    General Impressions and Performance
    After working for some hours on my laptop the bottom tends to get pretty hot. I checked with a temperature probe, which I placed in the center of laptop, which is also the “dead” spot between the 4 fans of the NP-101, and it reached 52°C without active cooling! When you have your laptop in your lap, I can assure you that this is quite hot!

    Madshrimps (c)

    I then placed the Evercool notebook cooler underneath but I didn’t put it on, I worked like and after 3 hours it stated 44°C, well that’s 8°C less and I haven’t even hooked the cooler up!

    Doing so I put the fans to their lowest speed setting, at this speed you can hardly hear them spin and there are no irritating noises to be heard. I continued working on it but I was distracted by the bright red led which is really annoying. The led was illuminating part of my desk. They should’ve used a normal led or even no led because you actually know when you put it on.

    Madshrimps (c)

    After it ran for some hours with the cooler at lowest setting I checked my probe again and it stated 32.5°C. That’s 20°C less, which is really good.

    I then tried the highest setting, you then clearly hear the fans going to a higher speed setting and they stay at a medium noise level, which can really drive the “silent craving people” crazy. The probed showed 28.2°C at this setting, an improvement but not worth the extra noise.

    In short: Even when not powered on it allows air to reach underneath you notebook and to make it run cooler.

    Without cooler: 52°C
    With cooler OFF: 44°C
    With cooler ON, fans @ lowest setting: 32.5°C
    With cooler ON, fans @ highest setting: 28°C

    Since this cooler gets its juice from the laptop I tested how much battery life it consumes. This in case you want to use your laptop without burning you genitals ;)
    Normally my laptop has 4h30 of battery life which is quite good, with the notebook cooler it only gave me 3h30, still more then reasonable.

    So I can say that this notebook cooler from Evercool is doing exactly as advertised. On the other hand, is it really useful? I suppose that the laptops have been constructed to support that much heat. It’s also extra luggage if you want to travel, not that it weighs a lot but it takes up some space.

    Cools very good
    Well build
    Not too noisy

    Contra Points Bright red led.

    Questions/Comments: Forum thread
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