Ultracool II Digital - Eye Catching Fan controller

Modding/Small Mods by jmke @ 2004-02-21

This eye-catching fan controller enables you to hook up 3 fans and reduce the noise in your system considerably. How effectively is the Ultracool II, find out in this review!

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Animation & Conclusion

In motion :

Here's a short movie of the Ultracool in use, you can hear it hitting the preset temperature limit and see the increase in fan speed.

Once you have set up the Ultracool completely (which is really a piece of cake as the manual states) it will start showing the 3 different inputs, CPU/HDD/SYS, you can press the UP/DOWN button to fix the view on one of the read-outs.

Madshrimps (c)

Conclusive thoughts :

Easy installation and setup
Very good manual
Effectively reduces noise of your fans
Solid build, very professional look, clear display

Contra Points slow increase in fans speeds when temperature rises is too slow
Contra Points fan speed can not be set manually

The Ultracool II is very easy in use and provides you with an automated way to slow down the FANs in your system. It includes all the material to get it up and running less than 5 minutes. By setting the temperature limit from one of the sensor very low you can force all fans into "FULL" speed mode but you'll have to endure the beeping for several seconds. If you are into overclocking you might be better off with a manual fan controller, as the Ultracool II is aimed for the hardware enthusiast who likes a well ventilated case without the constant noise of all the fans running full-speed. Thanks to the temperature sensors you are always kept up to date of the "physical" status of your system and the self-intelligent control unit prevents any overheating. This is a very solid product with good features and comes at an affordable price of ~€40/$40.

I would like to thank Gino from CPV International for giving us the possibility to review this new product from Case Masters

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