Chieftec DA-01BD vs Aopen HQ08

Cases & PSU/Cases by BlackRabbit @ 2002-04-06

Many years ago, computer cases were simple, heavy, beige monsters. But since a couple of years, case manufacturers give more attention to the design. Although we will probably pay for the extra costs, many of us will buy a case that looks sw33ter then all the other cases… don't hesitate to read this review of the beautiful Chieftec DA-01BD

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insides compared

Next thing to do was to install all the computer parts starting with the motherboard (incl. CPU, cooler and RAM).
Doing this, I was surprised by a minor flaw: the motherboard tray can't be removed from the tower, like I'm used with the Aopen HQ08. This isn't a major problem, but still, it would have been easier. After installing the motherboard, I plugged the 80mm fans into their holders and the holders back into their place(1 in each Hdrack, 2 in the back, making a total of 4). So far so good…
Then I wanted to install the CD-drive. Doing that, I encountered another bad point of the Chieftec box. Since there isn't a manual included and it was the first time I used the screw less rail system, I had to search everything out for myself. Same thing when I removed the front panel. Because everything was new, the parts we're a little sturdy.
I was afraid I had not removed everything and that I would break something (which would be a shame because of all the money I spent on this brand-new tower, being more than 120€)
So, lack of manual = -1

the cdrom slide system is quite good, but you have to remove the whole front

The 5"25 rail system is very nice, but I do have some thoughts about it:
1) one drive couldn't be placed firmly. Not that it was jumping up and down while playing a CD, but still, I like my drives to sit tight. I do have to remark that many people reported their drive was sitting firm, so I guess I had just bad luck…
2) it's very easy to remove 5"25 drives. This for many people a pro, especially for people who change their drives on a regular basis. BUT, it is also a very dangerous feature when you go to LAN parties… Evil-minded people can easily remove the drive in a minute…
After this adventure, I plugged in the (included) power cord. After installing OS etc I did some temperature measurements, just like I did with the Aopen case (with the same parts installed). The Aopen case contained 1in, 2 out and 1 PSU fan.

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