Corsair TwinX PC4400 Dual Channel Memory Review

Memory by jmke @ 2004-01-29

Corsair Micro has released what is currently the fastest DDR on the market. Their Twin-X4400 (DDR550) is ideally suited for Canterwood based 875 chipset platforms. We test them on a battery of motherboards to find out how far this memory can push your system!

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Madshrimps (c)

Conclusion :

Corsair delivered memory which can clock higher then your P4 motherboard allows, not a lot of other memory sticks out there can claim this! The performance at its rated speed is quite stunning, as this memory is after all "running at default speeds". If you want to known the limit of your motherboard/cpu and want to take the memory out of the overclocking equation, don't look further then this fine piece of craftsmanship: Corsair's PC4400

Liquid3D @ :
I've really enjoyed having this memory in my system. If you have a motherboard capable of such FSB speeds, I can think of no other memory currently, as reliable as Corsair's Twin-X4400. The name behind the label says it all, Corsair continues to meet the needs of the Overclocker, providing a high quality DRAM designed to acquiesce with Canterwood chipset, and especially on the Asus P4C800E-Deluxe. In writing this, my interest has piqued my giving this memory a turn on the Abit AI7 (hint). I think there are several motherboards out there which would suit this memory, and I'll be seeking them out for that purpose. While the memory is slightly expensive, you get what you pay for. While most of us probably can't afford the Aston Martin, we can afford its equal in the Enthusiast's realm of overclocking. And that has to give you a good feeling, and give it to you at 550 MHz!

We would like to thank Robert, Paul and Anna at Corsair for their help!

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