MadShrimps Meeting Maart [MMM]

Others/Miscelleneous by jmke @ 2002-04-01

Report of the Madshrimps meeting on 12th March 2002. With sponsoring of Wallabie we were able to give it a try.. a try to get the highest 3Dmarkscore. But not everything went as planned...

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Disaster - Conclusion

Disaster strikes / Game Over...

When fitting the 172Watt TEC there was a small accident, one of the wires broke off, leaving us with a broken cpu TEC. Without it the results are going to depend on how high we can get the videocard. Unfortunately even with the 80Watt TEC and watercooling the Core of the vidcard refused to go any higher :(

It might look good, but that's it..:(

Anthroplast doesn't want to quit just yet and asks us for the 172Watt pelt.

The victim of the brute force of Gamer :)

Solder action in a last attempt to save the pelt.

It's working alright, but time is not on our side :(



After all it was a fine Sunday afternoon. Some missed out on a delicious rice table, while others were attacked by black cats. Although the results PC-wise weren't that great, we certainly had a great time. Someone even passed the whole afternoon in search of a magnet so he could boot his PC :)

The following "l33t" forumspeeps were present

Jay-Jay, Stigmata, Footprint, Calantak, ]as]e, TerAngreal (the movieman).
this is the only photo material I could get from Gamer, who was working all the time :)
No pictures of me, for now...


last but not least I leave you with this photo... no comments...

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