Chaintech 9CJS ZENITH - Intel I875 Reviewed

Motherboards/Intel S478 by jmke @ 2004-01-22

We take a closer look at Chaintech?s flagship P4 motherboard. Powered by the Intel 875 "Canterwood" Chipset it provides an excellent base for any performance P4 system. How does it stack up against the Asus P4C800 and what does "ZENITH" stand for? Find it out in this review.

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Chaintech's flagship P4 product is more then just a "motherboard". The added extras not only make this package stand out from the rest, it turns this I875 powered motherboard into a full blown multimedia station. It has support for a very wide range of storage media, USB2.0 and firewire, remote control and all the tools needed to install it (rounded cables, screwdriver,...)

I found it priced very competitively ($159) at the time of writing, making it one of the best price/performance bundles available for your P4 setup!

Good performance, able to keep up with the competition without problem
Excellent bundle, massive collection of goodies included
Very nice price, one of the best price/performance motherboards out there.

Contra Points Minor problem with large north bridge cooling when installing "extravagant" heatsinks.

I would like to thank Danny @ for the review sample.

Madshrimps (c)

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