PowerColor 9800XT - Upgrading to DirectX 9

Videocards/VGA Reviews by jmke @ 2004-03-07

While most of the reviews out there give you an idea how fast a video card is, almost none show you what the actual visual difference is between a DX8 and a DX9 capable video card. In this article we'll show you what improvements you get when upgrading to a DX9 graphics card, the Powercolor R9800XT (XR98T-D3)

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Test Setup


The ATI 9800XT GPU is the current king of performance, as a lot of benchmark results have showed in the past (Anandtech ,HardOCP); We are going to take a look at what kind of performance and image quality increase you can expect when upgrading to this speedy video card.

We will put it head to head with the video card which took the first spot in the DX8 performance graphs when it was released, the nVidia Geforce 4 Ti4600. It does not have support for the advanced features of DirectX 9.

What games did we test?

  • Chrome (DX8 , some DX9 effects)
  • GTA3 Vice City (Pure DX8 game)
  • Halo: Combat Evolved (DX9 support)
  • Need for Speed: Underground (DX9 support)
  • Call Of Duty (OpenGL game)
  • Far Cry (DX9 support)
  • more? suggest here

    Test Setup:

    JMke's Test Setup
    CPU Intel P4 2.4 "C"
    Mainboard * Chaintech 9PJL2 Silver
    Cooling Zalman CNPS7000-CU
    Memory 2 * 256Mb PC3700 OCZ Rev.2
    Video * PNY Geforce 4 Ti4600
    * Powercolor R9800XT

    On the software side of things, we used Windows XP SP1 and the Catalyst 4.2 drivers for the Radeon and nVidia's ForceWare drivers version 53.03 for our GF4 Ti4600.

    FRAPS 2.0 was used for the screenshots and measuring average performance.

    AF = Anisotropic Filtering
    FSAA = Full Scene Anti Aliasing

    Madshrimps (c)

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