Battle of the Titans II: Swiftech MCX478-V vs Thermalright SP-94

Cooling/CPU Cooling by jmke @ 2003-11-18

Little over a year ago we put Swiftech?s greatest against Alpha?s best. The MCX4000 vs PAL8942 review is more then a year old. And it is time again to find out who?s the king of the Pentium 4 aircoolers.

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All 3 products performed amazingly well and they turn in results that are almost identical. Seeing as the design of each one is completely different, this came as a surprise. Thermalright and Zalman use and all-copper design using thin plates to dissipate the heat while Swiftech has chosen a combination of Copper/Aluminum and still remains very close to its all-copper brothers.

Each product has a very nice finishing and comes equipped with all the necessary gear to have them up and running in no time.

Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages

Swiftech MCX478-V

Retail price: $48.95

Easy, tool-less installation
Easy plug and play attachment of both 80&90mm fans
Top end performance in both silent as loud categories

Contra Points Need good amount of pressure to press down the clips for installation

Swiftech has listened to their customers; they have taken the design of the MCX4000 and optimised it for use with low noise fans. They have certainly succeeded in their goal, producing a heatsink that is way up there in the TOP aircooling-solution ranking. The straightforward installation and excellent overall finishing are extra positive assets which are more then welcome.

Thermalright SP-94

Retail price: $49.99

1st class performance in all categories
Secure installation

Contra PointsInstallation requires motherboard removal

The Thermalright SP-94 takes over the ultimate performance crown when it comes down to air-cooling your Pentium 4 setup. To do this it has sacrificed on easiness of installation. If you don't mind the extra hassle then you can hardly call this a negative point.

Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu

Retail price: $41.99

Easy installation
Good performance at low noise levels

Contra Points Inability to change the fan on this heatsink

Zalman's Computer Noise Prevention System proves to be very effective, the 7000A-Cu has enough power to keep up with the big boys, and at a slightly lower price it has earned itself a place in the crowded CPU cooling market.

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