asetek WaterChill Cooling KIT - KT03-L20

Cooling/Water Cooling by jmke @ 2003-11-11

Asetek, known for their VapoChill product line-up, is diving into the water cooling bussines with their WaterChill all-in-one good-to-go kit. We take it for a spin on a Pentium 4 and AMD setup and see how it performs.

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CPU Block Install + INTEL Test

After following all the instructions from the manual I ended up with a good looking CPU cooling:

Madshrimps (c)

Most of the air bubbles were completely out of the system after 24 hours of utilisation. I had to improvise a bit to make it all fit as I haven't installed it in a case yet

Madshrimps (c)

Finally we are ready to give you some results, we will be covering a multitude of test data and hope it helps you create an idea of how it performs in different situations.

Pentium 4 Test Setup:

JMke's Test Setup
CPU Pentium 4 "C" 2400Mhz
Mainboard Asus P4C800
Cooling - Asetek WaterChill
- Corsair Hydrocool
- Thermalright SP-94
Memory 1 * 512Mb PC3700 Corsair
Video nVidia Geforce 1 DDR

Default Test

In the first test the P4 was left at default speeds and the core voltage was 1.55v. Do note that the noise-level of the Corsair Hydrocool surpasses that of the Sunon fan at 12v. The SP-94 Thermalright heatsink was equipped with an 80mm delta for the High speed fan test, and with a Papst 90mm fan that is a tad bit louder then the Sunon at 7v.

During this test the room temperature was kept at a healthy 21.5°C, note that this was tested OUTSIDE a case, this can account for the lower then normal temps, but since all products were tested this way it still gives you a clear image of how each solution performs.

Madshrimps (c)

Overclocked Test

The Hydrocool didn't quite make the cut as Prime95 showed errors after running a mere 3min. The CPU speed was at 3.2 GHz and this proved to be Prime stable for hours with the SP-94 and the WaterChill. Here are the results:

Madshrimps (c)

These temperatures prove that both solutions have enough muscle to cool down the latest Pentium 4 without problem. The WaterChill takes the edge when it comes down to silent cooling-power. At the high noise levels the SP-94 reigns supreme, but the price you pay is high, the Sunon at 12v doesn't even come near to whining sounds the delta produces.

Fan Test

Xtwerkz was so kind to provide me with some of the latest 120mm fans from Coolink. Together with a high noise YS-Tech and medium performing Enermax I decided to see what difference they could make.

Madshrimps (c)

At 12v the Coolink takes the lead, although by only 1°C. So changing the FAN at 12v doesn't make any difference at all. (That YS-Tech pushes over 120CFM while the Sunon has only ~83CFM.. still it doesn't matter one bit temperature wise)

Madshrimps (c)

Mirror mirror on the wall who's the most silent of them all? The absence of the YS-Tech can easily explained by the fact that it had a 4-pin Molex connector and could not be put on 7v easily without cutting into some wires. But the remaining contestants showed that at low noise levels there is a greater difference. The Coolink now occupies the last spot and the Enermax jumps to the 1st place. The Sunon is a solid contender and remains only 1°C from the top. When it comes down to noise level, reverse the places and you have yourself an answer! From “pretty silent” to “silent”: Enermax - Sunon - Coolink.
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