AMD Duron Applebred vs. Athlon XP Thoroughbred

CPU by piotke @ 2003-10-07

Recently AMD introduced its new durons. I bought one of them, the 1.6 ghz version. The most interesting part of this cpu is its core voltage, only 1.5 V.
This cpu begged to be compared with an Athlon XP, dlt3c (known for reaching speeds up to 2700Mhz!). Is the new Duron an equally good overclocker ? Maybe even better ? Find out in this review.

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Testsystem & benchmarks

Test system

The system I used for benchmarking and testing:

Piotkes rig !
CPU AMD Athlon XP 1800+ "DLT3C" / AMD Duron 1.6 Ghz
Mainboard Abit NF7-s Rev 2.0
Cooling Thermalright SLK800 + 80 mm fan
Memory 2 * 256 Mb pc3200 TwinMos "50B" chips
VideoMSI GeForce FX5200 128 Mb DDR

I used a fresh install of Windows 2000 SP4 with the latest patches.


I ran all the benchmarks at 2 different CPU speeds:

  • Applebred & TbredB at stock speeds + TbredB at 1900+ (raised the Multiplier by 0.5, both CPU's run at 1600Mhz this way)
  • Lowered the multiplier to 10x and increased the FSB to 200, this gives a total CPU speed of 2000Mhz for both CPU's. Where necessary I increased the vcore voltage to have them both running 100% stable

    The benchmarks used:

    - SuperPi : a very small program, which calculates pi (3.14...) To a certain point, after the comma
    - Sisoft Sandra 2004 - CPU benchmarks: CPU Multi Media Benchmark and CPU arithmetic benchmark.
    - FutureMark 3DMark 2001 SE Build 330: To see the influence of the processor on the entire system

    I could have run more benchmarks, but these benchmarks together give a good impression of what the cpu is capable of.

    Before I give you the side-by-side results I would like to show you how far they overclocked! ->
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