SoundGraph FingerVU 706 Auxiliary Touch Screen Review

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FingerVU series from SoundGraph are auxiliary monitors with touch screen capabilities and we can work on them independently from the main monitor, when the FingerUI included application is used. Through FingerUI, the user can play music, video, watch photo slideshows or access widgets as World Weather, World Time, Memo or even an Internet browser.

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Introduction & Specs


Madshrimps (c)

At first I would like to thank SoundGraph for making this review possible by offering me their FingerVU 706 auxiliary monitor with touch screen for testing and reviewing!

Madshrimps (c)

About SoundGraph:

“ The company name ’SoundGraph‘ is composed of two words, ’sound‘ and ’graph‘. As the name implies, SoundGraph provides various multimedia products and services which employ the latest digital media technologies.

Numerous products and services concerning the production, processing and distribution of multimedia have been emerging in these days, along with the spread of new digital media. SoundGraph suggests new concepts of multimedia contents from the perspective of users and provides innovative products on the basis of the new concepts.

We have developed the distinct technologies regarding 1) the real-time manipulation of compressed audio files using an analog turn-table, 2) the control of a PC as a home appliance with a custom remote-controller replacing the conventional keyboard and mouse and 3) the development of multi-channel audio file format which can control properties of a musical instrument in each channel to enjoy music in a joyful environment. Now we have been developing another new technology which enables the control of multiple touch-screen monitors with independent finger actions to enjoy various media files and widget information.

New multimedia contents are widely spreading through the rapidly growing capability of network system. SoundGraph will keep providing the creative and innovative solutions to control and prove the digital media world.”


A Monitor? or Another PC?

In 2010, SoundGraph Inc. launched the new products of FingerVU series, an auxiliary monitor with totally different features. Unlike the downside of most secondary monitors in the market controlled by mouse and keyboard and user easily loose the focus of work when controls of tasks are moving between main and secondary monitors; FingerVU an auxiliary monitor with touch screen can work independently from main monitor and user will not lose the focus. SoundGraph Inc. has developed the technology of touch control independently from the main monitor. Through FingerVU, user can play medias as like Music, Video, Photo, YouTube as well as World Weather, World Time, Memo, which can work as a PC.

USB Touch Monitor

FingerVU is an auxiliary monitor and easily connected by USB port. FingerVU 706 with 7.0” LCD monitor and 800 X 480 resolutions can set right beside the main monitor and use as an auxiliary monitor.

USB graphic chipset for the secondary monitor USB from Displaylink's is used for FingerVU 436.

D / ID TC Mounted Touch-Screen Method

FingerVU touch screen is resistive type and detects the pressure on the touch screen, so you may touch it with hard end as like finger tip or pen. Independent Touch Control to auxiliary monitor as like FingerVU is the authorized and patent 'Direct/Independent Touch Control' pending technology of SoundGraph Inc. Touch input to FingerVU monitor will not interrupt to mouse, keyboard, and current tasks on main monitor when FingerVU monitor can input and control independently.

Touch and Enjoy the New Style of Your Computing

You don’t need a mouse or keyboard for FingerVU. You can play media files and use Widgets with your finger touch. Enjoy your PC more convenient than other mobile devices.

FingerUI touch control is not just pressing the buttons on the screen. You can touch and drag to scroll the list, jump to Next/Previous page and drag Touch Wheel in clockwise or counter clockwise to adjust volume.

Run Your Favorite Media and Widgets in Main Menu Instantly

FingerUI allows every media files and Widgets can freely be added to the Main menu.

In case of FingerVU 706, Main menu can be expanded up to 25 pages and media files and Widgets can be added up to 625 items. (In case of FingerVU 436, up to 16 pages and 256 items)

Now, you don’t need to spend your time looking for folders but you can easily choose and play the album or song which was added to Main menu.

You can build your personal media library by arranging media files and Widgets on different pages in Main menu.


1. Remote Singaling 38KHz infrared signals
2. Maximum Receiving Distance 10 meter
3. Wireless Reception Angle AFFS 120º
4. LCD Touch Screen Samsung 7” LCD wide Touch Screen
5. Resolution 800 x 480
6. Touch Resolution 17,78 cm (7 inch)
7. Aspect Ratio Wide(16:10)
8. Response Rate 25ms
9. Contrast 400:1
10. Backlight LED Backlight
11. Brightness 350 cd/m2
12. Panel Type TMR Type TFT LCD
13. Color 16,777,216 colors
14. Power Consumption 5.5 W
15. Touch Resolution 4,096 x 4,096
16. Connector One or two USB 20 port ( 1 port for data transmission; 1 port for bus power supply)
17. Interface USB 2.0
18. Color Black, White
19. Supported Operating Systems Windows 7 (32/64 bit), VISTA (32/64 bit) and XP (32/64 bit) CPU and memory: 1.5 GHz, 512MB or more ( up to 1.8 GHz, 1.0 GB for Resolution of Video Play)
2 USB 2.0 Data Port
20. Supported Languages Korea, English, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional/ Simplified), French, German, Italian, Spanish
21. Supported Applications: iMEDIAN HD, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Winamp, Real Player, Realone Player, QuickTime, MusicMatch Jukebox, Sonique, GOM Player, KMP, Jet Audio, Power Cinema, Win DVD, Power DVD and Windows Media Center Edition
22. Hardware Certification CE, FCC, MIC, RoHS, WEEE

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