MSI Master Overclocking Arena 2010 Benelux Final

Tradeshow & OC events by leeghoofd @ 2010-05-31

Date: 28th May 2010, Timezone, well, euh.. Dutch time zone? 3 Belgian overclockers start to drive at 6 o´clock in the morning towards the city of Eindhoven. Target was the MSI building. Mission : could we get one of the two Belgian teams through the MSI MOA Benelux finals. First prize a ticket for two to Paris, the city of... overclockers. How did the little Shrimps do? Read on to find out!

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Show time

Codename : Orange

Two Belgian submissions passed the online qualifiers. Mister sir Thomas aka Pt1t and dynamic duo Massman and Gamer aka Batman and Robin were allowed to enter for a ticket to the Euro final in Paris. Due to the absence of Gamer ( illness ) I was called in as a last resort (I'm used to that , so no biggie). This would increase our chances to get a Belgian team into the Euro finals by 100% as we got two teams participating now instead of just one.

After a 2 hour drive and as much Red Bulls, we arrived at the MSI office. I have to say it as fun drive as we had two GPS units in the car, one Flemish and one French speaking one. Our little Tom Tom completely lost it and was contradicting Thomas' GPS at the end of the ride... If we had followed that little misses instructions, e.g. “please” turn right here, we would have never ever been on time...

But we made it and even brought some sun to the Netherlands. (and maybe some cultural package too :p)

Madshrimps (c)

Mystar is in fact MSI's Euro distribution center...

Just the day before we were told the bench setup would be the infamous Lynnfield i5 750 and the GTX 480 for 3DMark Vantage... Ow boy someone already smells something burning... Luckily the benchmarks for us were Pi 1M and Aquamark 3. Both much shorter benchmarks, giving us some more time to tweak...

Bench setup

  • MSI Fuzion motherboard and Intel i750 tray CPU

    Madshrimps (c)

  • MSI GTX480

    Madshrimps (c)

  • 4gb Corsair Dominator rams and Corsair 950 or 1000W HX PSU

    Madshrimps (c)

    When we got the CPU's (ow yes they were handpicked by ourselves this time :p) there was already a discussion about week, stepping and co... you know the drill... one overclocker prefers this over that...

    Bu then the first problem appeared. The Corsair rams were all different type of sets... We got 4gb 1600C7, 1866C9 and 2000C8 kits. But not enough kits to give all competitors the same rams. Only 4 dimms of each type, so we agreed we all would use on stick of the highest rated ram, namely the 2000Mhz C8 kit. Single channel ops it had to be. This meant no WR's on Lynnfield today…
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