EK Waterblocks full cover block for the Asus Rampage III Extreme

Motherboards/Intel S1366 by leeghoofd @ 2011-02-27

Ever tried to keep your X58 motherboards IOH and ICH temps at a reasonable operating temperatures ? To be honest most of the stock heatsinks really need some help as they are underdimensioned and/or lack an active fan. Temperatures over 65°C are very comon. Many watercooling companies jumped on the wagon to manufacture a all in one cooling solution for all the hot parts of the mainboard. No seperate waterblocks for the IOH and ICH chipset or PWM area. One block that cools down the hottest parts of your favoruite motherboard. EK Waterblocks was so kind to send us their clear nickel plated version for the Asus Rampage 3 Extreme

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Some more piccies and test results

Your new pimped board will look fantastic, but before we continue to see how efficient the cooling is some more shots of the installed full cover waterblock. The ROG logo is taken from the original heatsink and popped onto the EK cooling solution.





After the testing I removed the waterblock to see how good or bad the contact was. Pretty spot on to me...




Test Results :

Asus Rampage 3 Extreme Bios 0704

Intel i7 970 Gulftown CPU@4.2Ghz 1.4Vcore ( 200 Bclock  x 21 )

6GB Corsair PC12800C8

Thermochill PA120.3 with 3 Scythe 1200Rpm fans

MCP 655 pump with EK D5 top

IOH Voltage 1.2Vcore and ICH Voltage 1.15Vcore

Ambient temps 20.4°C


Small word on the testing setup :

First we monitored the temps via AIDA64 software during a 15 min idle mode. Afterwards we started to Custom prime95 12K (12 threads) and monitored the temps during an hour. Highest results led to the below chart :



Pretty impressive results for a 15 min job. Almost close to 30°C off the stock heatsink, 24°C better than the stock heatsink with the small irritating fan. The CPU and motherboard were working in the same loop. If you are a serious watercooler, then connecting your motherboard into the loop is a must. It helps to keep temps way low without zero to none loss in performance regarding the CPU cooling.

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